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Satellite Elevation and Azimuth Position Calculator


This calculator can be used to get coordinates needed when aligning a satellite antenna (dish) to a satellite for the purpose of receiving a signal. When aligning an antenna to a satellite, there are three (3) very important variables that need to be adjusted in order to properly receive the signal.

  • Elevation - Angle between the Earth and the satellite above the horizon. This is also referred to as the up or down movement (position) of the satellite antenna.
  • Azimuth - Compass direction the antenna is pointed towards, relative to a magnetic north. This is also referred to as the left or right movement (position) of the satellite antenna.
  • Polarization - Correction between where the antenna is relative to the curvature of the Earth and the satellites signal beam. The satellite signal is either Horizontal or Vertical polarized, but due to the longitude of the antenna location, the antennas feed horn must be rotated to correctly match the beam's polarization. The following illustration will better show the relationship between azimuth, elevation, and polarization                

If you would like to find out the coordinates for your site, you can access the U.S. Census Bureaus web site and search by either zip code or city name.

Please note however, the True Azimuth calculation is relative to the geographic North Pole. On the earths surface, a compass points to the magnetic North Pole rather than the geographic North Pole. The angular difference between these two directions is called Magnetic Declination.

If you don't account for magnetic declination in your azimuth setting, the azimuth calculation for your antenna location will be less precise. Use the following Magnetic Declination Map to find out the declination value for your site.  You can also get the declination value can also be use the magnetic declination calculator  on the National Geophysical Data Center website



Required Data Entry
City and State
Calculate Using City and State Information
Primary Calculated Results
Satellite Position
Secondary Calculated Results
Azimuth (Geographic)
Calculate Using Manually Entered Satellite Position,
Location's Latitude And Longitude